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Reconnection Program

Clients seeking to focus on sexual healing, intimacy, and deepening relationships with self and others can be referred to the Reconnection Program. This program is a safe and supportive way to reintegrate oneself in mind, heart, and body, re-establish a sense of intimacy and comfort, and find balance with intimate connections.
The program creates a foundation of the unique purpose or purposes for healing sexually. Everyone will explore this program differently based on their own comfort, desire, and expression. This program is delivered through a client-centered approach, ensuring safety and comfort for all.
Operating from an empowerment perspective and within a client-centred approach.
Introductory opportunities include:

  • Beginning to understand what it means to be sexually empowered
  • Safety and security in the body
  • Defining healthy vs. unhealthy sex
  • Intimacy and sexual triggers or blocks
  • Noticing and releasing emotions
  • Current communication styles
  • Sexual beliefs and attitudes

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Healing modalities offered:

  • Journaling or some form of self-reflection outside of sessions
  • Guided relaxation and/or meditation
  • Body work and emotional exploration
  • Movement and physical exploration
Subsequent opportunities include:

  • Individual actualization
  • Connecting past sexual experiences and/or traumas to current responses
  • Desire expression (verbal and physical)
  • At-home reading and activities
  • Deepening sensations from an essentials perspective
  • Exploring key concepts for self-empowerment (actualization, soothing and differentiation)
  • Incorporating an embodied lifestyle
  • Enhancing communication styles
  • Deeper self-understanding