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of children are sexually solicited online, thats 1 in 5
of Canadians report experiencing some form of child abuse, thats 1 in 3
of Albertans have experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18 years.
of survivors of sexual abuse were under the age of 18 during at least one incident of sexual abuse.
increase in 2019 of reports of adults contacting children ages 8-12 to engage in sexual activities over live stream.
of those in detox disclosed histories of abuse.; survivors of child abuse report struggling with substance abuse.
Child abuse survivors are more likely to experience
self-harm/suicidal ideation,
or to be arrested
as a juvenile.

Types of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a prevalent and serious public health issue, one that can impact any child from all genders, socio-economic status, and cultures. As a community, we must be aware of this and increase our knowledge on the subject.

Children who experience abuse have increased risk of struggling with substance use, chronic illness, and mental health challenges which can impact social connections, relationships, self-worth, and employment.

Emotional abuse consists of ongoing behaviours by a parent/caregiver that interferes with a child’s development and overall functioning. It is often connected with other types of abuse and leaves a child with little self-concept and worth.
Some examples of emotional abuse include verbal threats, isolating a child, intimidation, terrorizing or routinely making unreasonable demands of a child or a youth.

Physical abuse is an action against a child causing bodily harm. This type of abuse tends to be the most visible.
Physical abuse can include hitting, punching, kicking, harming with an object, pushing, slapping, and squeezing.

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Sexual abuse includes sexual contact, inappropriate exposure/subjection to sexual behaviours/content, and coerced sexual touching. This includes sexual exploitation (i.e.: the prostitution of children, child sexual abuse imagery, live streaming of sexual abuse, and the sale and trafficking of children).

Neglect is when children are not provided basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, hygiene and medical care, education, and protection. This also includes lack of love, care, and acceptance.

Medical child abuse occurs when someone gives false information about illness in a child that requires medical attention, putting the child at risk of injury and unnecessary medical care.
Medical child abuse is a term that has come into use in recent years. It refers to a child receiving unnecessary and or even harmful care as a result of a parent exaggerating symptoms, fabricating physical findings or intentionally inducing illness in the child.