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Little Bear's Purpose

LSAS dreamed for years about a place that would provide a multi-disciplinary approach to supporting individuals and families affected by sexual violence, family violence and all forms of abuse as they navigate the reporting, investigation, and court process. Inspired by nature and other advocacy centres across Alberta, the Little Bear Child & Youth Advocacy Centre became a reality. On the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, a need has been met; a centralized location to interview and support our clients, complete with digital and audio recording, a toy room, and conference space. Little Bear is a warm and inviting place for everyone sitting around the table, to help and work together. RCMP and Child and Family Services are welcome to conduct interviews and Crown Prosecutors can meet with clients. Little Bear Advocates will be a caring support throughout the entire process and refer onto services afterwards. To have this dream become a beautiful program built for the community and for clients has been an incredible journey for the staff and Board at LSAS.

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Child Advocacy Centres are a safe place where children and youth who have experienced abuse can go to tell their story and be supported throughout the entire disclosure, investigation, judicial and healing journey. By supporting children, youth and their non-offending caregivers we provide them with customized supports that best suit their needs and will allow them to heal at their own pace.


The Little Bear Child & Youth Advocacy Centre is a division of Lloydminster Sexual Assault Services (LSAS). Little Bear is a warm and inviting place where RCMP and Children’s Services are welcome to conduct forensic interviews and Crown Prosecutors can meet with clients. Little Bear Child & Youth Advocates are a caring support throughout the entire process – from greeting the child/youth and their non-offending family members, to providing emotional support, a visit to Lily’s Toy Room and offering referrals onto healing supports afterwards.

Little Bear is one of eight Child Advocacy Centres in Alberta. These centres work together to share information, best practices and to create positive outcomes for children, youth and families impacted by all forms of abuse. Little Bear’s space reduces the risk of re-victimization and isolation during times of crisis, providing essential care for rural and remote communities within our service area. (200km radius)

Little Bear's Mission

To work collaboratively in supporting children, youth, and families impacted by abuse as they embrace their healing journey through intervention, awareness, and advocacy.

Little Bear's Vision

To build a community where every survivor is believed, while working towards eliminating all forms of abuse.

"Where every child has a voice & every child's voice matters"

Contact Little Bear

If you believe or know that a child has been harmed, you are obligated to report to the appropriate authorities. Little Bear can support the investigation process.

  1. Make a report by calling your local children’s services organization and/or RCMP Detachment
    • Central Alberta Child & Family Services or Ministry of Social Services Child and Family Programs at 306.820.4250
    • Lloydminster RCMP 780-808-8400

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  2. Only the RCMP or Children’s Services can refer to the Little Bear Child & Youth Advocacy Centre.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

  1. Lloydminster RCMP Detachment
  2. Lloydminster Sexual Assault Services
  3. Little Bear Child & Youth Advocacy Centre
  4. Central Alberta Child & Family Services
  5. Alberta Crown Prosecutor