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Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, steeped in military tradition, hold profound significance as symbols of camaraderie, belonging, and honor. These coins are bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and service, signifying a commitment that goes above and beyond. At Lloydminster Sexual Assault Services and Little Bear Child & Youth Advocacy Centre, the custom-made Challenge Coin, symbolizing shared values and mutual respect, acknowledges and honors the unwavering support of individuals. The inaugural presentation of this coin was made to the Ladies Of the Patch.

The Teal Butterfly: Central to this coin’s design is the teal butterfly, which represents LSAS logo. Teal has been chosen for its profound symbolism in the context of sexual violence awareness. It embodies trustworthiness, symbolizing the dedication to support survivors. Teal signifies unwavering devotion, reflecting the commitment to LSAS mission of Help, Hope and Healing.

Transformation and Courage: The butterfly, universally recognized for its remarkable transformation, symbolizes the journey of healing that survivors undertake. Just as a butterfly undergoes a miraculous metamorphosis from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, the work of LSAS is a catalyst for positive change. This butterfly signifies transformation.

Courage and Strength: The bear on this coin, inspired by Michelle Lake’s mural on the Little Bear wall, symbolizes courage, strength, confidence, and leadership, echoing the belief that every child has a voice, and every child’s voice matters.