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LSAS Community Relations Coordinator will work with you, your school, or your organization in planning and presenting the programs that effectively suits your needs. The education team seeks to best support each group of participants;if there is a specific issue you would like discussed, please reach out and discuss it with us further.

LSAS Educators travel to various communities and surrounding areas, typically covering a 200km radius around Lloydminster AB/SK. All Education Presentations are free of charge; please note there might be costs associated with trainings and/or workshops.

Available Presentations

  • Behind the Smoke: Lighting Up Coping Skills

  • Bullying Program for Kids

  • Compassion & Connection

  • Friendships

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  • Okay vs. Not Okay Touches

  • Online Safety: Navigating Your Way Through Online Relationships

  • Organizational Profile

  • Realizing Our Impact: A Look at Diversity, Acceptance, and Equality

  • Relationships & Consent

  • Relationships & Social Media

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Sexual Exploitation

  • Sexual Harassment


LSAS employs certified facilitators of the First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training™ developed by the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services. This two-day training provides participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to disclosures of sexual abuse and assault from children, youth, and adults. The research and evidence programming identifies key responses, potential impacts, and seeks to debunk myths and stereotypes about sexual violence. The training is suited for:

  • Professionals
  • Community Members
  • Parents/Caregivers
  • Medical & Dental Staff
  • Frontline Workers
  • Educators
  • RCMP
  • Victim Services
  • Daycare Teams
  • Hair Stylists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Community Businesses

For information on upcoming training dates, visit


If you are seeking further education about sexual violence prevention and response, an LSAS Workshop is an informative option. LSAS Educators research and develop programming in-house, funded by various initiatives. Workshops include multiple learning styles such as lecture, Prezi, videos, case scenarios, group discussions, practice, and activities.

Yes, we offer private workshops! Email the Community Relations Coordinator to get started!

Adult Sexual Assault Workshop

Spend 2-3 hours immersed in learning about the prevalence of sexual assault, immediate and long terms impacts, response skills, and reporting options. Participants are encouraged to practice self-care and personal awareness of learning needs. Some content may be triggering.

Child Sexual Abuse Workshop

Child Sexual Abuse affects 67% of females and 33% of males in their lifetimes with 34% of Albertans having experienced sexual abuse before they turned 18 years of age. These numbers are staggering and reinforce the need for parents, caregivers, and service providers to gain knowledge in how to respond to a child disclosure of abuse. This workshop is 3 hours long and covers Child Sexual Abuse facts and societal beliefs that perpetuate myths and stereotypes; impacts and indicators, disclosing patterns, effective response skills, and reporting obligations. Some content may be triggering.

Teaching Boundaries & Consent Workshop

Originally funded by the Canada Post Community Foundation, the workshop was created to open up the doors of discussing intimate and at times, awkward topics with children and youth. The purpose of the workshop is to provide activity options, ideas, and tools to help engage and educate children and youth on the topics of boundaries, consent, relationships, and sexual intimacy. Teaching boundaries and consent at a young age, however young is defined to you, is not about having conversations of a sexual nature at a young age. It is teaching, exploring, and understanding:

  • Our bodies and all its parts
  • What feels okay or good
  • What doesn’t feel okay or good
  • Effective communication about wants and needs
  • Acceptance and openness to all
  • Empathy, care and respect for self and for others

This is a full day workshop and offered approximately four times per year as a community initiative. Follow the LSAS Facebook page for upcoming dates. Participants are provided with a guide covering research and activities. Workshops are offered throughout the year or can be provided based upon request.