Mindfully Moving Program

The benefits of healing through movement and mindfulness are many; with certified yoga teachers on staff experienced in trauma informed practices, Mindfully Moving is a safe and guided opportunity for survivors of sexual violence. Special considerations are ensured to create a safe environment for participants which includes empowerment based language, integration of choices, thoughtfulness towards somatic complaints and zero physical assists. Mindfully Moving classes blend movement, breath, thematic exploration, yogic philosophy and affirmations. Each client is offered intake sessions, pre/post physical and emotional baseline self-assessments.

LSAIC's Mindfully Moving Program is now available!

This program will provide survivors of sexual violence a means of becoming reacquainted with their bodies, help them become grounded in the present moment and allow them to explore the benefits of mindfulness as they flow breath to movement in guided practice and meditation. The entire experience of practicing yoga can help survivors find union between disconnected and challenging aspects of the self; allowing participants to slowly build the pieces into an integrated whole. Yoga’s focus on self-acceptance provides survivors with benefits that will become noticeable through their practice. This gradual integration can be transforming and healing for a survivor of sexual violence.

Cassidy Shopland, RYT

Since 2010, Cassidy has been working with survivors of sexual trauma, domestic violence, and addictions. Specific training includes Trauma Informed Yoga Training, Non-Violent Intervention, Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, Children with Sexual Behaviours, Art Integration plus skills in assessment and triage, professionalism, mental health first aid and cultural awareness. Cassidy has a particular passion for Yoga Nidra in regards to healing through movement and mindfulness.

What if the true art of healing isn’t in fixing broken things but in holding a space or vibration in thought that is so attuned to wholeness, that whatever enters that field of awareness is restored.

Registered Yoga Teacher

A second Registered Yoga Teacher is currently deepening her education and yoga practice. Stay tuned for a bio!




Session Options

  • Individual Sessions: Based on referral from LSAIC, collaborating with a Crisis Interventionist; number of sessions to be determined between Yoga Teacher and client. COST = FREE.
  • Group Sessions: Based on referral from LSAIC and will operate periodically throughout the year, based on participant numbers.

Sample Curriculum

  • Week 1: Intention Theme, Orientation and Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Week 2: Safety Theme Yoga Practice
  • Week 3: Mindfulness Theme Yoga Practice
  • Week 4: Boundaries Theme Yoga Practice
  • Week 5: Assertiveness Theme Yoga Practice
  • Week 6: Strength Theme Yoga Practice and Art Healing Facilitation
  • Week 7: Trust Theme Yoga Practice
  • Week 8: Acceptance and Community Theme Yoga Practice and Healing Drum Circle

Benefits of Yoga

  • Find peace and healing
  • Explore and strengthen
  • Establish connections and boundaries
  • Deepen trust
  • Reduce PTSD symptoms
  • Increase coping skills
  • Recognition of choices
  • Ability to more expressive during counseling